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Chandra North


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A native of Dallas, Texas, Chandra North was born in 1973 and grew up with aspirations of becoming a ballerina. As a teenager, Chandra would hit the underground clubs while her classmates attended school dances.

A dark haired, blue eyed fashion model who found prominance in the early 1990s. Has featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition on multiple occasions and can still be seen in advertising and magazine editorials to this day.

Birthplace: Dallas, Tx.

Birthday: July 31, 1973

Height: 5'8"

Bust: 34"

Waist: 23"

Hips: 33"

Hair: Brunette/Black

Eyes: Blue


"I've never walked around on the runway in my underwear before."


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Jrb132003, thanks for those pics. A few of those I haven't seen. Not sure how they escaped my grasp considering I've scoured the 'net for all the lovely pics of Chandra I can find.

She's the most underrated model that I know. Heck, I even read it in an article recently. Maybe we can help change that here on this forum :)

Also, thanks to the mods for removing the question mark from the title. There's no denying or doubt with Chandra :laugh:

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Thanks Scooter! You're right about Chandra being so underrated, she should be right up there with the other top supermodels. Hopefully we can change that!

P.S. What was that article about her? I'd like to read that.


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Is there any video other than the E! Online one or Chandra's Day Dream?

I know the only Sports Illustrated Swimsuit video I've seen on TV was for an MTV special back in 2002. Not sure if any one was that.

Great pics by the way guys and gals! :heart:

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Good Question Scooter! I have the Eonline clip and a little bit of "Chandra's Daydream", though I'm looking for the whole movie. "Chandra's Daydream" clip that I have doesn't have any sound, which sucks!


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