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Alison Sweeney


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On January 6th, 1993, Alison Sweeney joined the cast of the Emmy Award-winning, NBC-TV series Days of Our Lives as Sami Brady — the scheming, sassy, clever, and sometimes dangerous daughter of Dr. Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall). In the U.S., Days of Our Lives is viewed by more than 5.9 million people per week and consistently ranks among the top three daytime dramas in the most important demographic to television advertisers — Women 18-49.

Throughout her nine years on the series, Sweeney has taken Sami Brady from a rebellious teen to a devoted young mother. In the process, Sweeney has won The Soap Opera Digest Award four times (1996, ’98, ’99 and 2001) and has graced more than fifty magazine covers. Soap Opera Digest currently hails the actress as One of the Most Beautiful Women in Daytime Television [2001]. Soap Opera Weekly named Sweeney Breakout Performer of the Year in 1999 and praised her portrayal of Sami as the stuff of which Emmy nominations are made. She also grabbed the “America’s Favorite Villain” award on the recent 29th Daytime Emmy Awards. “Young Sweeney holds her own with the best of them on Days of Our Lives, including powerhouse Deidre Hall,” says Soap Opera Digest.

In addition to her role on Days of Our Lives, Sweeney has done double-duty, guest-starring on an episode of Friends. Opposite Matt LeBlanc and Jennifer Aniston, Sweeney portrayed an award-winning, diva actress and was able to reveal her comedic side. She also appeared on NBC’s Rosie O’Donnell Show, Weakest Link and Fear Factor.

Born in Los Angeles, California on September 19th 1976, Sweeney has an older and younger brother; however, she is the only daughter of their concert and studio violinist mother and their business investor father. Growing-up in a musical household, Sweeney tried following in her mother’s footsteps with the violin. It wasn’t long before she realized her true calling — acting. At the age of four, Sweeney began appearing in television commercials for products such as Kodak Film. At six, she appeared on Days of Our Lives for the first time in the role of Adrienne for two days of flashback sequences. Starring roles on Simon & Simon, Webster, St. Elsewhere, Family Man, Brand New Life, I Married Dora and Tales from the Darkside followed shortly thereafter. In Dyan Cannon’s feature film The End of Innocence, Sweeney played the role of Stephanie (Cannon’s character as a preteen), and she also starred as Alice in the film The Price of Life.

Away from the television and film studios, Sweeney leads an active and health-conscious lifestyle. Her passions are swing dancing and riding her horse Apparition (nick-named Ghost). She also attends Boot Camp several times a week to stay in great shape. An extensive traveler, Sweeney has developed an appreciation for various cultures and speaks semi-fluent Spanish. When she has the opportunity to travel, her ideal destinations are Italy, France, and anywhere she can find a ski slope. Sweeney married her childhood sweetheart, Dave, who is a California Highway Patrol Officer.

In 2004 Alison Sweeney released her book “All The Days Of My Life (so far) on Kensington Books. In the book Ali talks about growing up as an actress, living in LA, going to school, having issues with making friends & dating, playing Sami on days of our lives, finding love, getting married, her fans, and the rest of the things that she has been through in her life (so far!).

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