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Hi, I opened this thread because there are so many great fruity and sapphic TV ads and commercials out there ;) . And many of them are really funny :) I know for some this is quite a controversial topic, but... well, I don't care :rofl:

I don't know what to say, so let me just start with this:


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Unfortunately I don't speak Portuguese, but as far as I know the two old ladies say something like:

- "Have you seen that?"

- "Oh, that's unbelievable"

- "With short sleeves in this cold weather..."

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liked the one with the two old ladies haha :laugh:

Amnesty International

Campaign against smoking

Domestic Partnerhsip



Campari Red Passion

Campari Red Passion

Malimi Clothes

D&G Time (actually they're making out with themselves lol)

D&G Time

D&G Time

Ten Perfume

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Thanks M :)

Unfortunately I can't watch them <_< It's always like that when too many youtube videos are posted in one post. My PC gets really slow, or sometimes it works and I can watch them, but without any sound... -.- It's weird. But thanks anyway

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