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Some Xbox 360 game screens!


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The moment we were all waiting for :( Nothing blew away pc stuff. Best looking game was an Unreal 3 engine game. Should have been more.

Perfect Dark Zero





Dead or Alive 4



Gears of War (my favourite)



Nothing was next generation material but they should be able to improve the graphics over time. I am passing this on launch. Will get it after a price cut or something. Stuff looks forcibly rushed so far. I was waiting so mcuh for Perfect Dark. Some of the stuff shown was flat out bad.

They will obviously sort it out i reckon. :laugh:

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I think these games look great. Gears of War looks to be the best of the bunch. So far, all the next gen consoles (still waiting for the Nintendo Revolution announcement) look very sleek and the graphics are very detailed. I can't wait to purchase these systems. :bounce:

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