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Throughout the years, no other rock band has conquered the world and the charts like Queen. Starting in the early seventies and throughout the eighties, Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon have written hit after hit. From their first number one single, Bohemian Rhapsody, to their stadium anthems, We Will Rock You and We Are the Champions, their music has reigned across the radio airwaves from Great Britain and Europe to the United States and Australia. They have reached audiences in South America (where they were the first rock band to embark on a stadium tour) and in Hungary (where on their Magic Tour, they played to a sell out crowd, while still under the Iron Curtain).

As the nineties approached, Queen focused their energies from touring to recording. The Miracle and Innuendo proved to be some of Queen's finest moments. They began to pick up new fans across the world, and according to many critics, were returning to the glory days of A Night at the Opera and News of the World. Unfortunately, on November 24, 1991, that new found steam came to a halt, as Freddie Mercury passed away, due to complications from AIDS.

Queen as we knew it ended that day, but the three remaining members have continued to keep the legend alive, releasing recordings such as a completion of Freddie's final recordings, Made in Heaven and brand new songs like No One But You. In 1998, Queen was one of the first bands to release a video game, The Eye, based upon their music. 2002 brought Queen's music to the stage as the musical We Will Rock You began to shatter British theater records left and right.

Although Freddie Mercury has left us, it will be a long time before his legacy and the music of Queen will be forgotten.

source: Queen World


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Any Queen fans in here?

Well anyway, I`m sure everyone`s hear at least 2 Queen songs. Songs like 'Another One Bites the Dust', 'We Are The Champions', 'We Will Rock You' etc can be heard everywhere! These songs are unforgetable.

I`d make a list of top 10..but it`s way to difficult..all you need to know is that Bohemian Rhapsody is the greatest song ever :)

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I have to agree Bohemian Rhapsody is pure genius.  In fact Queen is pure genius.  The first record I ever bought was Queen, that started me into rock music so I love them almost more than any other band.


Queen is pure genius. And I love your avatar.

Lol Neo dat`s true..but 'We Are the Champions' is a song I hear all the time..commercials, sports, school, etc..it`s like the most played song ever.

Bohemian Rhapsody is a bit underrated in my opinion tho.

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Bohemian Rhapsody is my favourite song ever, by any band.

I strongly intend to buy their Live at Wembley DVD in the near future. Brian May is a great guitar player, such a tasteful style.

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;) Alright..here`s my updated top 10.[it`s always changing..]

1. Bohemian Rhapsody..obviously..nothing like it.

2. We Are The Champions

3. Under Pressure

4. I Want To Break Free

5. Another One Bites The Dust

6. Killer Queen

7. Hammer To Fall

8. Spread Your Wings

9. We Will Rock You

10. The Show Must Go On

I also gotta mention Bicycle Race lmao..the song is quite enjoyable.

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