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Cash Casia


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Cash Casia is newly based in Los Angeles from New York City. This multi talented singer/songwriter, actress and model (originally from New Jersey), was discovered by an agent in South Beach at the age of 15.

Within a few weeks Cash was whisked off to Europe where she spent her time circulating the fashion world of New York, Milan, Paris and Rome. She quickly became the toast of Italy, linked romantically to Prince Albert, shooting numerous campaigns for Barbara, Chiaruggi, the luxury bathing suit line - Domani and walking repeatedly for famed Italian designers including Roberto Cavalli and Rocco Barocco.

In Rome that her acting career took off and she learned to speak Italian. Cash's performance in a commercial shown during the World Cup fascinated a director enough to fly her to Rome immediately for a screen test. Her innate sense of comedy (spawned from stand up sessions at the famed New York Comedy Club) and her stunning beauty (now tailored by the world of fashion) spurned her shooting two full features in her short time there including the dramatic comedies "SPQR" with Leslie Nielson and "Selvaggi". Directed by Carlo Venzina. Now based in Los Angeles, her acting resume has increased with numerous national commercials, appearances in Music Videos, TV shows and 2 Independent films and a role in Michael Bay's "Bad Boys 2."

Cash is currently working on her first debut album as a rock musician. Cash has the uncanny ability to make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end with her strong, soulful, bluezy "gold finger-esque" vocals. In the last year, Cash has been fortunate to work, learn, and perform with world renowned musicians such as Donny Vosburgh (Iron Butterfly, Blues Image, Cactus) and Vivian Campbell (Dio, Def Leppard, Whitesnake). She has been performing local venues in NYC & Los Angeles and also recently sang the National Anthem at a sold out Madison Square Garden in New York. Page Six in The New Post has compared her voice to a moody Pat Benetar, Tear Magazine listed Cash as one of the "50 most beautiful people" and Gear Magazine named Cash Casia as one of the "Top Ten Hottest People" to look out for.

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