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Nicholas Potts

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Name: Nicholas Potts

Nickname: Pottsy

Date of birth: 5 June, 1983

Place of birth: Sydney, Australia

Starsign: Gemini

Hobbies: Surfing and hanging out with friends at the beach, photography, web design

Height 6'1 / 185

Hair Blonde

Eyes Blue

Shoe 10

Chest 38 / 97

Waist 32 / 81

Collar 15.5 / 39

post-20967-0-1446079672-1334_thumb.jpg post-20967-0-1446079672-30621_thumb.png

post-20967-0-1446079672-33096_thumb.jpg post-20967-0-1446079672-35271_thumb.jpg

I just wish it were easier to find pics of him.

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Vogue Australia September 2009

Photographer: Todd Barry

Models: Myf Shepherd, Elyse Taylor, Skye Stracke, Jessica Hart, Nick Potts, Sarah Stephens, Alyssa Sutherland

post-30050-0-1446079687-74683_thumb.jpg post-30050-0-1446079687-79609_thumb.jpg 643eaf44432426.gif post-30050-0-1446079687-8732_thumb.jpg post-30050-0-1446079687-9268_thumb.jpg th_d6b36844432435.gif/monthly_08_2009/post-30050-0-1446079688-00683_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3626720" alt="post-30050-0-1446079688-00683_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="143.76"> post-30050-0-1446079688-05189_thumb.jpg

* scanned by rox_yr_sox @ tfs

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