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War, Inc.

Gonzalez Girl

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A political satire set in Turaqistan, a country occupied by an American private corporation run by a former US Vice-President (Aykroyd). In an effort to monopolize the opportunities the war-torn nation offers, the corporation's CEO hires a troubled hit man (Cusack), to kill a Middle East oil minister. Now, struggling with his own growing demons, the assassin must pose as the corporation's Trade Show Producer in order to pull off this latest hit, while maintaining his cover by organizing the high-profile wedding of Yonica Babyyeah (Duff) an outrageous Middle Eastern pop star, and keeping a sexy left wing reporter (Tomei) in check

Director:Joshua Seftel

Writers:Mark Leyner

Jeremy Pikser

Release Date:25 April 2008

Genre:Action | Comedy | Crime | Drama | Thriller

Cast ..

John Cusack ... Brand Hauser


Joan Cusack ... Marsha Dillon


Marisa Tomei ... Natalie Hegalhuzen


Hilary Duff ... Yonica Babyyeah


Ben Cross ... Medusa Hair

Rated R for violence, language and brief sexual material

0329827_1.jpg 91023104000004.jpg sx29fc08.jpg war_inc_20080516045759422_640w.jpg 02.jpg 01_04.jpg bencross.jpg
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