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Pictures on Bellazon


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Pictures on Bellazon

Who is the best?

What do you think?

Not the same to post pictures anymore :cry2: :cry2:

I think it`s sad that imagechadow is gone and wish Bellazon will get a new program to post the pictures in.

I don`t like that black frame around the pics that Bellazon is using now.

If Bellazon not get this










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Yes, Imageshadow was defintely the best hosting site. I guess that's why they couldn't compete...they didn't have so much annoying advertising. Well, I like imagevenue.com The photos from them seem to stay around forever :o

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miss, use imagebam.com

it's great because you can post 30 pic in a turn

then you choose adult or safe content

thumbnail form: 180 x 180

horizontal with space

and... upload!

it's very fast

:wave: thanks Francy

but.... I still need some help... if you can help me :blush:


what do I click on?


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sure darling..

ok so you go on www.imagebam.com

you choose how many pics upload (1 or more. you can 30 in one time).

then you choose the content type (normal or audult)

thumbnail form: you choose scaled to 180x180

then you click on UPLOAD

now in this page you copy and paste the BB-Code

(it is in at the top next to HTML code and removal-codes)


you copy and paste this long link on bz and then you post.....

let me know if it's clear


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