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Meltem Cumbul


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Meltem Cumbul (born November 11, 1970 in İzmir) is a Turkish actress and TV personality.

At 21, Meltem graduated from a university with a major in drama. She then worked as an actress for the Shakespeare Company in London. Taking on a career in television, she hosted the reality program Aşağı Yukarı (turkish version of Goodson-Todman's Card Sharks) and the game show Nereden Başlasak. During this time, Meltem also played a number of supporting roles in movies, most notably Bay E and Böcek. In 1996, she starred in a Sahte Dünyalar, a popular soap opera.

Meltem was given her own show The Meltem Cumbul Show, a year later. She did leading parts in the movies Karışık Pizza, Geboren in Absurdistan and the musical Anlat Şehrazat Anlat. Meltem acted in the popular TV series Biz size aşık olduk, Beşik Kertmesi and Gurbet Kadını. Next, she starred in the extremely popular Yılan Hikayesi, which is to date the highest rated program ever in the history of Turkish television.

Meltem's role in the movie Abdülhamit Düşerken won her the Golden Orange Prize at the Antalya Film Festival. Next, she acted in the award winning and critically acclaimed movies Gegen die Wand and Gönül Yarası.

Meltem was also given the honor of co-presenting the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest with Korhan Abay. The couple was the first to have a two-night gig in the ESC history, as the contest added a pre-qualifying semifinal broadcasted two days before the final night. Meltem's performance was memorable due to her exquisite, yet awfully unbecoming dresses and very heavy makeup, as well as her peculiar accent. Her pronunciation of Malta as "Mowldow"' proved somewhat prophetic, as the country of Moldova joined the ESC the following year.

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