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Florencia Bertotti


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Floricienta is a very famous Argentinian soap opera or romantic comedy based on Cinderella's Story. It was filmed from 2004 to 2005. The show currently runs around the world in almost 70 countries with high share of audience and thousands of fans. Some international channels airing Floricienta are TVE International, Disney Channel Latino, Disney Channel Europa, It is also available in the UK on the BSKYB Satellite lineup.

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1 Background

2 First season worldwide broadcasts

3 Cast and characters

4 Songs

4.1 1ª temporada (First season)

4.2 2ª temporada (Second season)

4.3 Theater 2004

4.4 Theater 2005


4.6 TOUR

4.6.1 2004-2005

4.6.2 2005

4.6.3 2006

4.6.4 2007



4.9 Music Videos

4.10 Television specials

5 External links

[edit] Background

Floricienta is loosely copied from the story of Cinderella and also presents some comparisons to the film The Sound of Music. The plot revolves around Florencia (Flor), a poor but dreamer, rash, vivacious,cheerful and happy Italian-Argentine girl whose life changes when she meets Federico Fritzenwalden, the older son of a very rich German-Argentinian family whose parents died in an accident. Fede is the head of the family, he has 5 lovely younger siblings living with him in a big house. Fede has a bitter, cold, strict, rigid and lonely personality until he falls in love with Flor upon meeting her. But Fede has a girlfriend, Delfina (the witch), who wants Federico's money, . Federico's brothers hate Delfina. But when Flor comes to the Fritzenwaldens' residence, hired by Fede as the nanny, everybody loves her.

The TV show entitled " Floricienta" is a mix between Cenicienta (Cinderella in Spanish-speaking countries) and Florencia (the main character's name). The show wasn't heavily-influenced by the original Cinderella story, besides the fact Fede is "Flor's Prince Charming" and the fact Floricienta trademark is her shoes (that she forgot at Fede's house during the first episode, when the kids throw a party without Fede concent, where Flor's band was hired to play, but he ends up coming back from Germany before he planned and everybody runs from the house. An angry Federico demands to know who had the idea for the party and the kids blame "the singer", so Federico decides to find the singer and the only thing he has from her is her shoe, a Converse-style sneaker).

In the end of the first season, the show gets a big twist.

Federico after realizing that his girlfriend Delfina was lying to him all the time leaves her at the church during their wedding and goes to Flor. Then after a while he dies in an accident, saving Maximo Calderon de la Olla who then gives his Body to Federico's soul. In the second season Flor falls in love with Maximo and they get married in the end. They also have 3 children and a very strong love that came from the part of Fede inside Max.

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