Christine Bolster

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Name : Christine Bolster

Ethnicity : American

Agency : Elite

Hair : Blond

Eyes : Blue

Height : 5'9 1/2 (1.77)


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Oh please Jal718 don't be ashamed :kiss: Your contribution to this forum is priceless :wave:


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His Better Half

In 1990, Davi married Christine Bolster, the original model for Guess jeans. Besides her role as a mom, Bolster also does volunteer work as a court appointed special advocate (CASA). "She goes into situations where children are taken from their parents or in homes and need special programs and special attention," says Davi. "She goes in and she talks to the parents and she talks to the educators. She makes sure they get the kind of help that they need."

Davi says there's a shocking and surprising amount of neglect out there, and without someone being an advocate for a child, they can just get pushed through the system. Bolster also volunteers at her children's schools and does "mom stuff."


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She got married to Robert Davi August 19 1990

They have four children :

Daughter: Ariana Marie Davi. born on April 3, 1990

Daughter: Frances Davi. born c. 1992

Daughter: Isabella Rose Davi. twin of Nicholas; born on January 11, 2001

Son: Nicholas Edward Davi. twin of Isabella; born on January 11, 2001

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