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Lily Cole

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I'm completely desperate!! :cry: A few weeks ago, I was browsing in the model directory and I came across a girl that really caught my eye... but I don't remember her name! I could have sworn I'd put the link on favorites, but it isn't there... so... I guess all I can do is give a description.

I'm PRETTY sure her hair was blonde... but it might have been red. It was very curly though... Her face had a strange look to it, I remember reading comment of people even saying she was creepy looking. She looked like a doll to me.

And that's all the information I've got to go on... :( Any suggestions as to who she might be are MORE than welcome!! I know her gallery is somewhere in the model directory here on this site, but I really don't think I'd be able to look through them ALL... well, not if I want her name any time soon. Please help!! :cry:

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Oh :o , there, there :hug: :flower: .

I must admit, the “I don’t have a picture but…” added to “I’m sure blonde…but maybe red…” is going to throw most people for a loop :/ . But I’ll see what I can do :shifty: . Here are some of the unique blondes that I know.

Tanya Grondzil


Margarita Svegzdaite


Charlotte Dodds


Mariel Booth


Cécile Breccia


Emma Blocksage



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Thanks a lot for posting! =] hmmm... none of those are her... but thank you very much anyway!

well, I'm nearly 100% sure that she was blonde, and I only had time to skim the first page, but nearly all of her pictures I did glance over had her with VERY curly hair... she had a very doll-like face, small lips and very big, round eyes, and she looked very young... I mean, a really very strange looking beauty, I wouldn't just call her looks "unique", they were strange.

and I do realize that it's a far stretch to ask this... so thank you a lot. =]

edit; oh, and... i've resorted to looking through each of the topics in the directory... so far I'm through the A's... no luck yet. :blush:

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