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Persian/Middle Eastern Models/Girls


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Who's the first girl in your last post Aab? She's so pretty. :)

She is an Afghan actress as far as I know...her name...I wish I knew :evil:


im persian

and when i go to these party things with friends and families

there are soooo many pretty women

(men not so much, sorry :/)

:wave: That's awesome~

:laugh: I hear that comment a lot and I some what agree. :whistle:

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a lot of these children are pakistani or indian and a couple of the models are not afghan...



kalash girl from Pakistan

Boy from India Himachal

girl from India Kashmir

Indian Girl

Hunza Valley, Pakistan


Algerian Model


Miss Lebanon contestant

Also, there's an over representation of light coloured eyes here. :blink: Maybe you just like them but wheres the love for the brown eyed afghans?

afg834.jpg afg863.jpg afg753-1.jpg afg778.jpg
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First of all I moved these pictures from "Eyes" thread and that should explain your misunderstanding and jumping to conclusions of my "love" for brown eyed Afghans and Secondly where is you're prove of the kids that you say are from India or Pakistan?

About the Lebanon contestant I sort of believe you because I wasn't sure either as I didn't see her before, and the girl from Kalash, but do a little history on Kalash will you? ;) Take good care ^-^

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