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Will Friedle


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Early life

Will Friedle grew up in Avon, Connecticut, attending Avon High School. After committing himself to becoming an actor, Friedle continually commuted from Avon to New York City for auditions.

[edit] Career

In 2004, he co-starred with Chris Owen (American Pie) in the independent film National Lampoon's Gold Diggers (originally titled Lady Killers). He also appeared in a supporting role in the 2005 ABC Family movie Everything You Want. Friedle was cast as "Mike" in the WB sitcom Off Centre, but could not accept the role because of a previous commitment to the UPN series The Random Years. The role of "Mike" ended up going to Eddie Kaye Thomas from the American Pie series. [1]

Recently, Friedle voiced Seifer Almasy in the English version of the video game Kingdom Hearts II and Jaster Rogue in the English version of the video game Rogue Galaxy.

Friedle attended Occidental College. In the July 4, 2006, issue of People, Friedle mentioned he had been contemplating attending culinary school.

[edit] Personal Life

In 1997, Will dated American actress Jennifer Love Hewitt [2] and co-starred with her in the romantic teen comedy Trojan War. Hewitt turned around and made a guest appearance as Jennifer "Feffy" Love Fefferman on Boy Meets World.

Friedle is best friends with actor Jason Marsden and was best man at Marsden's wedding in October 2004. The two have also worked together in numerous productions such as: Boy Meets World, Trojan War, Kim Possible, Batman Beyond, and Justice League Unlimited.



Sorry I don't have more pics. He is on the right side.

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