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Rupert Everett


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Rupert Everett

Rupert James Hector Everett (born May 29, 1959) is a two-time Golden Globe-nominated English film actor and former singer.

He first came into public attention in the early 1980s when he was cast in Julian Mitchell's play and subsequent film Another Country for playing an openly homosexual student at an English public school, set in the 1930s. Since then he has appeared in many other films with mostly major roles, including My Best Friend's Wedding, The Next Best Thing and the Shrek sequels.

Everett was born in Norfolk, England. His father was the late Major Anthony Michael Everett, who worked in business and served in the military and his mother, Sara Maclean (b. September 19, 1934 - ), the daughter of Sir Hector Charles Donald and Lady Opre Vyvyan, is a descendant from the baronets Vyvyan of Trelowarren and the German Schmiedern barons, and granddaughter of the Liberal politician Sir Donald Maclean, who was Leader of the parliamentary opposition in the years following the First World War. He also has an elder brother, Simon Anthony Cunningham Everett (b. 1956). He is a grand-nephew of Donald Duart Maclean, the Soviet double agent.

From the age of 7 he was educated at Farleigh School, Hampshire, and later was educated by Benedictine monks at Ampleforth College, Yorkshire, but he dropped out of school aged 15 and ran away to London to become an actor. In order to support himself, he worked as a male prostitute, or "rent boy", for drugs and money as he later admitted to US magazine in 1997. After being dismissed from the Central School of Speech and Drama for insubordination, he travelled to Scotland and got a job at the Citizens' Theatre in Glasgow.

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