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Sebastian Lund

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Everyone loves a family that models. here is another great family that does it all.


Agencies:Scoop (mother), Ford Homme, IMG


Height: 6'0" / 184cm

Chest: 38" / 96cm

Waist: 32" / 80cm

Shoes: 9 / 43

Hair: Light Brown

Eyes: Blue

Place of Origin: Gentofte, Denmark

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I Just HAD to post this here. even though it is already soo old. idk if it is already in jesper's thread

The interview with o2w

How did you guys begin modeling?

Jesper: My older sister won a Top model contest, and the owner of Scoop Models, Bente scouted me at the competition. I took some polaroids, and before I knew it, I was walking the runway for Paul Smith!

And you Sebastien?

Sebastien: One day I went shopping in Copenhagen with my sister Nina because she had to complete some paperwork at Scoop Models. As I was sitting in a chair reading magazines while waiting for her, Bente asked me if I were interested in taking some photos. I said yes without knowing the outcome. Two days after this, I was asked to do a Miu Miu exclusive show in Milan, together with my brother.

So Sebastien, when you saw your sister and your brother both modeling, did you think that you were next?

Jesper: He has always been handsome, so he knew, as well as Oliver, our baby brother. Sebastien has always had a nice face and body. I also talked to Bente because when she took the pictures and mailed them to Ford models in Paris, she didn't expect that Sebastien would get anything, because he was still very young, but it went well!

Sebastien: I actually didn't think that much about it, they had talked to me about it, but I was still too young at that time. So when Bente asked me to model it came as a big surprise for me.

And what does Oliver think? it must be weird how his sister and two brothers are both models. No other families around you are all models!

Jesper: We call him 8 pack ha ha. I think that we're the only siblings in a family who are all models. It's either twins or just one usually.

Do your friends at school tell you they want to model too?

Sebastien: No, it's only the people from my class and from Oliver's classes who say that.

Jesper: No, a lot of people say it could be cool, and they would love to travel, but it's nothing serious to them.

What is it like where you are from in Denmark?

Jesper: Very nice! There were no nature catastrophes, plenty of beautiful girls, and nice people. I love Denmark, but the weather and the car prices suck BIG TIME!

Sebastien: We live outside of Copenhagen in a place called Gentofte.

What do you guys do in your free time?

Jesper: Sports! I train in Ju Jitsu, running, working out, watching movies, cooking, listening to music, and chilling with my friends. I have the philosophy that I have to move at least half an hour daily or I'll get jittery.

Sebastien: I just stopped the football team, but I still play for fun. Jesper and I have also been skating for some years, but I really don't do anything. I am very lazy when it comes to exercise. Ha ha.

You guys are so young, but you have bodies of professional sportsmen- what's the secret?

Sebastien: What's that thing called? Argh, yes born lucky and hot parents! Ha ha.

Jesper: He he, having little brothers to fight keeps me in shape.

So wrestling then?

Jesper: Yep, for real!

Who's the strongest?

Jesper: Do you have to ask that? You know the answer... me.

Sebastien: No me!

Jesper: Sebastien come here and I will kick your flat pale ass!

Ha ha, Jesper, what was your first modeling job?

Jesper: My first job was a test for my book by a Swedish photographer in Sweden. I was really freezing my ass off and the guy asked me if I was a boxer. It must have been my nose he referred to.

What did you think of your first shoot? Did you know what you were doing? Had you ever seen a shoot before?

Jesper: My father loves to take pictures, so in our basement is the albums with over 10,000 pictures of us growing up. Hence, I have been in front of a camera before I started modeling. It was Bente from Scoop who taught me how to pose.

And Sebastien, before your first modeling job, what did you know about fashion?

Sebastien: Absolutely nothing. I was a skater boy. Ha ha, I wasn't in to it at all. My first modeling job was the Miu Miu show in Milan. The waiting time before the show was terrible, but when we walked the rehearsal, it wasn't bad at all. I didn't know how to look on a catwalk, but it turned out really well. What can I say? We are just normal guys having a great time and meeting new people.

Jesper: Also, you eat a lot of unhealthy food backstage.

Do people ever compare you to anyone famous?

Sebastien: No, I haven't heard that yet. Besides, I don't want to be compared to others, I just want to be my own.

Jesper: My friends were playing on a website where it takes your photo and compares it to other celebrities. I only look like girls and Ashton Kutcher, but I don't think I look like him at all. My friends call me tiger because I look like Tony the Tiger on the front of the Kellogg's cereal boxes.

What do your friends think about you being a model?

Jesper: They think it's cool, and they envy me (in a good way), because I receive opportunities they don't get.

Sebastien: Almost all my friends are happy about it and think that it's cool, but then there are some people who started to spread rumors. For example, that I pay money for walking a show. I hate those kind of people and I just ignore them.

Jesper: Some people are really jealous and say things about you, even though they don't know you.

It must be nice that you're brothers, so you can both understand what each other is going through?

Jesper: Yes it's really nice. But we also have our sister, and Bente is a very good booker so we have no troubles at all.

Sebastien: Yes it is very nice to have a brother to travel with.

Jesper: It's so boring to travel alone, that's why I bought a laptop, when Sebastien isn't there.

Why do you think many models are coming from Denmark now? Like Freja, Eddie, Mathias and now you guys?

Sebastien: Hmm I just guess like it is the look right now and maybe about a half year it's gonna be Italian or something like that, but how should I know?

Jesper: Hmm, because we come from the Vikings. I also think it has something to do with Danish people sometimes are more open and polite than other nationalities.

What’s the best job you guys have done so far?

Sebastien: A good job is when people are nice and kind to you, and look as you as a human and not just a thing there that looks pretty in their clothes, if you can see what i mean?

Jesper: Precisely, some people you work for thinks that you should be lucky to work with them and that gives them the right to treat you like dust. This is usually at castings and some shows, where they really make you feel like a replaceable object.

Who's the craziest designer you ever worked with?

Jesper: John Galliano!

You must hear funny stories about people in fashion, like in the movie The Devil Wears Prada?

Sebastien: Yes of course, there are some really weird people, but they are funny too. We did a shoot with a stylist who was super weird but it was the funnest shoot ever. I love Prada, and I met Mrs. Prada at Miu Miu and she was smiling at me, she was really sweet.

How was the CK campaign? Calvin Klein is considered to be one of the biggest brands in the world.

Jesper: It was a nice hotel, nice food and it was nice to know that you where doing a nice job. David Sims is a cool guy and a good table tennis player.

Sebastien: That had a story behind it. Jesper you can start.

Jesper: I was confirmed for the campaign and went to New York on a Monday. The shoot was scheduled for Thursday and they needed two guys for the shoot. One was Dimitri Vankerkoven, but they needed one more. So when I went for the fitting, they asked about Sebastien, and I, of course, started saying a lot of good things about Sebastien. I wasn't really expecting anything, but the next day Bente called me and told me that he was confirmed. It was a deja vu, it was the same thing that happened with the Miu Miu I think. Like a shooting star, he was confirmed!

How do your parents feel about both of you traveling alone at such a young age?

Sebastien: My father is like "take care see you soon" and my mom is constantly reminding me about things that could happen, but that is a good thing.

Jesper: Our father is cool about it and our mother calls all the time to hear if we've been kidnapped but she's sweet.

Sebastien: Ha ha, but then you know that at least you're missed.

You both recently did your first magazine covers, how does it feel to see yourself on a cover?

Jesper: It's not that big a difference to see yourself in a magazine. The most strange thing is to see yourself in a magazine you didn't know you're in! You're like, "oh that's me." Our mother wants all the magazines we're in, so we usually buy them for her.

Your sister is a model but not doing the same high fashion jobs as you two, how does she feel about that?

Jesper: She doing really well and she makes really good money, just not high fashion jobs.

Sebastien: She is just happy.

If you guys could do any job in modeling what would you do?

Jesper: A fragrance.

Sebastien: I was just on my way to say that.

Jesper: I would do either Chanel or Armani.

Sebastien: I think I'd love to do maybe Calvin Klein, Armani or Lacoste.

Male models only seem to get properly noticed as a supermodel if they have a famous girlfriend. Who would you guys choose as your famous girlfriends?

Jesper: GISELE, or any of those Victoria's Secret girls. Only the finest.

Sebastien: Alessandra Ambrosio!

Does Oliver feel left out because his brothers and sisters are earning money, traveling, and having fun and he's still at home and in school?

Jesper: Sometimes, but lately I've spent a lot of time with him, so he won't feel alone. Going to the cinema, shopping and doing funny stuff. He is a really sweet boy and everybody likes Oliver. We stick together through everything.

Tell me a secret about each other?

Jesper: Sebastien has kissed with more than 50 girls! And one dog.

Sebastien: That one isn't funny, it's hurting. My secret about Jesper is one time he got caught by security guards in Paris airport because he had a butterfly knife with him.

Jesper: Long story, it was an accident.

What do you see yourselves doing in the future?

Sebastien: No idea, college and then modeling for a year and then university.

Jesper: After I'm finished with my high school this summer I'm going to model full time and see what I can get out of it. When I'm not working, I'll be traveling with my friends. Later on maybe study as a doctor or something with marketing, business management.

some pics frm the interview

post-20761-0-1446062416-60489_thumb.jpg post-20761-0-1446062416-68433_thumb.jpg post-20761-0-1446062416-69898_thumb.jpg

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