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Paul Rudd


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I'll be adding more pictures soon, promise :D

I adore this man so much. I swear... If I met him - well, he's lucky he's married, lol.

The movie you're talking about is, indeed, The Object of My Affection. :] He was adorable. Yes, he dated Phoebe. And he was in Clueless as well, where he was very sweet. He has a new movie coming out where his fiance died while planning the wedding and then she comes back as a ghost to haunt his new girlfriend. He is also in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and he was in Knocked Up, and others ^^

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:wub: :wub: :wub:

First time I so him was in the movie Clueless in 1995, her he played whit Alicia Silverstone

:whistle: :whistle: oh his was the cutest thing E V E R….

Also loved him in The Object of My Affection from 1998,

an as Mike Hannigan in "Friends", there he played Lisa Kudrow boyfriend

her some pictures from The Object of My Affection


her some pictures from "Friends"


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