Saga Rickmer

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at mikas models

height 172

size 36

shoes 38

waist 61

hips 91

bust 80

hair blonde

eyes blue



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Damernas Värld nr. 10/2011

En 30-årig kärlekshistoria

By Annika Bergson

Photos Matthias Sparreskog, Camilla Svensk, M FL

Styling Robert Nordberg

Hair and makeup Sandra Öjeland

Model Saga Rickmer/Mikas

damernasvrldnr10201122.th.jpg damernasvrldnr10201123.th.jpg damernasvrldnr10201124.th.jpg damernasvrldnr10201125.th.jpg damernasvrldnr10201126.th.jpg

Scanned by me

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Precious GemsSamantha Wills taps Saga Rickmer to star as the face of its spring 2012 campaign, shot by Derek Henderson. Keeping it simple, Saga strips down to the Australian jewelry label’s elegant designs and little else with styling by Romy Frydman. / Art direction by Fabio Ongarato design, Beauty by Max May

post-35528-0-1445987441-52171_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1445987441-56101_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1445987441-57013_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1445987441-59016_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1445987441-63824_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1445987441-67194_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1445987441-69871_thumb.jpg

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"So Long, Sequins!" for Glamour UK December 2012

Photographer: Will Whipple

Stylist: Bijal Patel

Hair: Choccy

Make-up: Irena Rogers

Model: Saga Rickmer

Source: visualoptimism.blogspot.com

post-3311-0-1445987454-68718_thumb.jpg post-3311-0-1445987454-70378_thumb.jpg post-3311-0-1445987454-73113_thumb.jpg post-3311-0-1445987454-88033_thumb.jpg post-3311-0-1445987454-95535_thumb.jpg post-3311-0-1445987454-99497_thumb.jpg

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Olivia January 2013

Style Emilia Laitanen

Photos Johanna Laitanen

Hair & Make up Jenny Jansson

Model Saga/FM

post-1923-0-1445987461-62452_thumb.jpg post-1923-0-1445987461-64275_thumb.jpg post-1923-0-1445987461-68496_thumb.jpg post-1923-0-1445987461-69649_thumb.jpg post-1923-0-1445987461-7089_thumb.jpg post-1923-0-1445987461-75556_thumb.jpg post-1923-0-1445987461-7755_thumb.jpg post-1923-0-1445987461-80079_thumb.jpg


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