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Patrick Sullivan


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hey i have seen Patrick before...and i believe he's with Next Models NY...i tried looking at the site, but it's under construction now....



i believe u got the above pics from that site i provided lol...here are a few more :drool: thanks for starting his thread!! :hug:

pat2.jpg pat3.jpg
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that's a great pic...thanks!!! i saw some pics on MH, i believe it was of him doing some Nordstrom ads...OMG he looked terrible in those pics, that's why i didn't post them here....his face was bloated or something....i don't know how recent those were but he looked a little unrecognisable.... :yuckky: :ninja: :blink:

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really ? can't you post it please, i really wanna see them :)

thanks sweety

oh sure i will post them only cuz u want me to lol....i wouldn't have done it otherwise cuz the pics aren't that flattering...i'll have to do it at home cuz i'm at work now.... :wave:

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