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Full Color Black & White

B&O Railroad

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Yes, what we all commonly call black and white photography is more accurately described as grayscale or monochromatic photography. And by "accuracy I mean annoyingly." Nevertheless this will not stop me from pointing it out and launching this fantastic new thread with the oxymoronic topic title


To start it off let me pick a model who's face looks kind of familar to me but who's name I can't quite recall. I think it starts with an "A". Al? Almud?

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Lol. B&O, I hope you are joking about not knowing Almudena.. considering you post so much in her thread. She's :wub:

That was me posting on her thread??? Well, now that you mention it I may have posted one or two things on her thread. :angel:

But why argue over small details when we can be distracted by the striking LiyDoutzen Kroes .


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