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Ceyda Ates


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Ceyda Ates Biography

She is a strikingly beautiful blond-haired Turkish actress with green eyes who looks fabulous in pastel colors. Her measurements are 5′6″ tall, with a 36″ waist and weighs only 99 pounds. She loves to ski, ride horses, and practice yoga.

Ceyda does not smoke, which is a major upset in Turkey. Her MySpace website tells us that she enjoys partying and is wonderfully single.

To continue her biography, Ceyda was born on September 14th, 1988. At only 19 years old, the Turkish beauty has already appeared in 16 movies, the latest of which is Çılgın Dersane Kampta in 2007. She is also makes frequent television appearances, including several TV series and dozens of commercials.

tb_gecce_5760950.jpg tb_gecce_5401322.jpg tb_gecce_7924441.jpg tb_gecce_2545464.jpg tb_gecce_2474690.jpg

tb_gecce_2064002.jpg tb_gecce_4542088.jpg tb_gecce_1993226.jpg tb_gecce_1552409.jpg tb_gecce_6178695.jpg

tb_gecce_2051285.jpg tb_gecce_8710571.jpg tb_gecce_2356054.jpg tb_gecce_9885361.jpg tb_gecce_8015869.jpg

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