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Silvia Navarro


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Silvia Angelica Navarro Barva, better known as Silvia Navarro is a Mexican actress who was last seen in the "telenovela" "Montecristo" on TV Azteca. She attended and graduated from the Centro de Formacion Actoral (CEFAC), TV Azteca's acting school in Mexico City. She studied with accomplished instructors such as Raul Quintanilla and Hector Mendoza.

She also has had some appearances in theater, she has participated in Plays "Mar Muerto", "El Tenorio Comico" and "Quimicos Para El Amor". Her film roles include "Dragones: Destino de Fuego" (2006), "Esperanza" (2005) and "Mujer Alabastrina" (2005). "Dragones: Destino de Fuego" is a 3-D, animated film in which she lends her voice to "Marina".

In television, she was the host of a kids game show, "A La Cachi, Cachi Porra" in 1997. Her IMDb profile shows that her first TV appearance was in 1975, which would be impossible, since she was not born until 1978. In her first starting role in a telenovela "Perla", Silvia played a dual role of Julieta/Perla alongside Leonardo Garcia. (1998).

Her next three roles, also for TV Azteca, were in the telenovelas "Catalina y Sebastian" (1999) and "La Calle de Las Novias", and "Cuando Seas Mia" (2001). All three novelas also stared Sergio Basañez. Sergio Basañez played the lead male character in both "Catalina Y Sebastian" and "Cuando Seas Mia". In "La Calle de Las Novias", he was the lead antagonist to Juan Manuel Bernal, who played the lead and romantic interest of Silvia's character, "Aura Sanchez". In 2002, Silvia started in the telenovela "La Duda", alongside Omar Germenos.

Silvia did not return to the small screen until 2005, playing the lead role of Maria Claudia in the telenovela "La heredera", again with Sergio Basañez.

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