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Kate Winslet


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Kate Winslet - "as down-to-earth and unpretentious as actors get".

She is the youngest actress to have received three Academy Award nominations, and has been described by many film critics as "the most gifted actress of her generation".

"Kate Winslet is the most talented young actress working in the business today. Her ability to convey emotion is unmatched by any other actress of her generation. There is something almost inexplicable about her presence that makes her so supremely wonderful in any film that no film graced with her performance could ever be bad." Nathaniel R. Atchison, film critic

"God bless Kate Winslet. So many of her fellow actresses of British lineage or association derive their so-called charisma by glaring poutily into a camera and maintaining dress sizes that aren't even whole numbers. While Winslet does have one of the best pouts in the business, she's just as ready with a radiant smile. And, even more important, when she's feeling Rubenesque, she goes with the feeling. Her screen presence has a robust, vibrant, generous sensuality." Glenn Kenny, Premiere Magazine

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I was in a movie w/ her..no joke :)

I was an extra and I got to sit next to her as a "co-worker" . She's FLAWLESS in person..OMG, the prettiest skin and she's so down to earth. She doesn't seem to be a diva, but she does exude confidence and she takes her work seriously. I saw her do a take at least 50 times..i would have gone nuts! :p

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