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thanks faget for the pics!!! the polas of him smiling are priceless!!...i've been negligent regarding Chris, and i do apologise....so thanks for helping me out here...i appreciate it!!.....and yours_forever, i'll find his age and where he's from, even if it takes me all night doing so :laugh:

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YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!England AND Ireland!!!! :ddr: ... do you think I can fit in your suitcase?

oh i ALWAYS bring a HUGE suitcase cuz i LOVE to dress up at night when i go clubbing lol....my bf thinks i'm crazy bringing all of those clothes....like for just a ten night stay i bring enough for 20 days cuz i dont know what i'll wear or how the weather's gonna be lol...yeah crazy i know...as for the shoes???? at least 10 pairs lol...and sure stow away in my suitcase!!! :laugh:

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Whooooo! :laugh: I don't have a passport either... but I might be able to fake an accent and tell them I lost my papers :rofl:

:o maybe I can get myself deported!!!!! :laugh:

:laugh: i had a friend who was here, he's from Ireland, but here illegally...well he DID get deported cuz he overstayed his welcome :whistle: well get yourself a passport NOW cuz it takes weeks to get one...as for faking an accent?? i've DONE that too lol....i was in ireland last year and my boyfriend was at work so i went to the cute town of Killarney...well there were Americans there and i wanted to see if i can fool them...so started faking this Irish accent and it worked!! i guess cuz i've heard it for so long and surrounded by it when i'm there that it's easy to pick up...even the ladies who worked at that shop, they're natives (obviously lol) and they thought i was from Ireland too :laugh: It was kinda fun to trick the Americans!! :wave:

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Ok yours_forever, u will HAVE to come to England with me now cuz i just found out on MH that when Chris isn't modeling, he's a personal trainer in England :kiss: :wave: :heart: :drool:

*screams like a 12 year old girl at an N*SYNC concert* :woot:

Burberry FW 06...i LOVE this outfit...it looks amazing on him :kiss: :wave: :heart: :drool:

He looks really good in purple :yes:

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