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Dove Campaign for Real Beauty


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Dove Campaign for Real Beauty promotes a rational attitude towards our perception of beauty. It aims at showing us that natural, curvy women can be beautiful. We live in a world where the media keep bombarding us with a surreal view of beauty. Dove wants to defend the reality - the image of voluptuous, healthy women who are proud of their bodies. Because 'sexiness' means 'attitude'.

If you share the views expressed by this campaign (and myself), please let me know either here or by private message and I will include your name in my signature. Join now! For a better future :D






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I campaign for healthy, happy women. No matter the size, as long as they are healthy, that's the most important thing. :hehe: Being a girl on the thin side, I have no problems with skinny women as long as they are healthy, same with girls who have fuller figures. Health is most important.

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I think this is such a good campaign. I support it all the way.

I know so many people (I am one of them) who have maybe such a harder life because they are constantly judged by their appearance which isn't as perfect as we claim it should be. I do enjoy seeing models and I'm even a big fan of Alessandra.. And even though I try to convince myself it isn't so, I know I have a picture of her on my wall because not so deep inside I want to be like her. And not just Ale.. And it's clear that if you want to be someone else you're not happy with yourself which of course leads to low self-esteem and maybe even depression

The problem is also when someone is losing weight not because they want to be healthy, but because they want to be beautiful (socially acceptable) . Or when old(er) people are considered unattractive.. come on, we are all going to be old sooner or later, it is unavoidable, yet we created this situation when it's such a compliment when someone tells you look younger than you really are and real age is something you should hide. And a model's career is age limited..

anyway,..:) Qball (and others), I think it's really great that you are supporting this openly. in this world it's hard to not be a part of the whole system of ideals

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Of course everyone wants to support a healthy lifestyle, but I can't help but question the real motivations behind this campaign. I think they're just trying to prey on the insecurities of their female consumers. Unilever owns Dove, but they also own the company that makes Axe body spray. If anyone here has ever seen a TV ad for Axe body spray it hardly promotes the "real beauty" ideal that Dove has been plastering all over billboards and in print. Axe commercials clearly take advantage of the fact that guys love to see Victoria's Secret style models in their underwear. I mean the initial appeal of Axe body spray was/is based on the joke that it attracts insanely hot women.

So basically what I'm saying is Dove is only supporting this image so long as it is convenient for them and gets people behind their product. Anyone can buy soap and smell good, you don't need to be model-like or "fake" in order to do that. However, if they were advertising something that was less easily attainable than soft skin and smelling clean, I doubt they would be using these "real" women in their ads. If they really wanted to get behind this message, they would use it with all their products, and not just where it makes for good marketing. And as a person that doesn't have the body type of these Dove women, I get offended at the implication that I'm somehow less "real" than the next person or my lifestyle is somehow unhealthy. Yes, of course this is what a lot of women tend to look like (actually these Dove women look a lot better than average), I don't know anyone so disconnected from the world that doesn't know that.

I remember I saw a commercial for cellulite lotion and the woman they used was probably 21 and didn't even have cellulite, can't remember if it was from Dove or Unilever though. It wouldn't surprise me though, but I don't think it was a product marketed under the umbrella of the real women campaign. It was probably working the "fake" unattainable women angle that they use with their other products.

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I partially agree with myfavoritegame.

On the other hand, I don't care what ulterior-motives the company may have. I love models, but I am most certainly not one. I'm not thin, and I'm not leggy. A lot of the "real" models are better looking than most woman (i.e. lack of cellulite, stretch marks, and whatnot), but they still depict a close idea of what normal women look like. Therefore, I support the commercial.

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