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Sorry to bother you, but I downloaded a very high quality version of the VS Fashion Show 2005 and the video seems to be a bit "choppy". It's as if the footage freezes for a second and then speeds back up. Is this the source that is messed up or is something wrong on my end...or is this supposed to be some "neat" camerawork?

Thanks for your time.

P.S. I got it from Slea's site.

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All the links have expired, or the different hosts are having server problems.

And Миша, as for your video seeming choppy, it could be a number of different things from a slow computer, to having inproper codecs installed to be able to play the video back. Which version of the VS Show did you download from Slea's site, the 350megabyte or 700? The 700 megabyte file is very wide resolution, and some computers may cause playback to appear glitchy.

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i know yousendit is having a server problem because im having issues uploading the video and it says we are having a server problem....with rapidshare...how could the links be dead? i thought they dont die unless they havent been used for a 30 day period :blink:

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