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Manuel Traxler

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mowie    0

he cool! Manuel is here! :D

He is sooooo cute and :drool:! thanks floflandrin! :wave:

here are some of my favourite pics:

at first Manuel at his swearing-in for the Austrian Federal Armed Forces! :ninja:

post-19195-1204199795_thumb.jpg post-19195-1204199931_thumb.jpg

post-19195-1204200619_thumb.jpg post-19195-1204200736_thumb.jpg post-19195-1204200807_thumb.jpg post-19195-1204200874_thumb.jpg

post-19195-1204200934_thumb.jpg post-19195-1204201159_thumb.jpg post-19195-1204201228_thumb.jpg post-19195-1204201266_thumb.jpg

post-19195-1204201376_thumb.jpg post-19195-1204201515_thumb.jpg post-19195-1204201566_thumb.jpg


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