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Bill Kaulitz


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Name: Bill Kaulitz

Nickname: Mecki (Given to him by his Grandma)

Sign: Virgo

Birthday: 1.9.1989

BirthPlace: Leipzig - Germany

Hobbies: Music, Friends, Parties

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black (dyed)

Height: 183cm

Weight: 50 kg

Fitting: 42

Favourite Subject: Arts

Least Favourite Subject: French, Math, Physics

Identification: Piercing in eyebrow since 12years, Piercing in his tongue since 14 years, Tattoo of Tokio Hotel Symbol on his neck. Tattoo on his left inner arm that says “Freiheit”.

School: Tenth class, but now he have private teacher

He’s scared of: Insects

As a Child, he was afraid of: Witches

First Bought CD: Nena

First Concert Visit: Nena

Favorite TV Series: Freunde-Das Leben Geht Weiter

Favourite Music: Green Day, The Rasmus, Coldplay

Favourite Song: Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Favourite Color: Orange

Favourite Actress and Actor: Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt

Favourite Film: Barfuss

Favourite Food: Pizza

Favourite Drink: Red Bull, Cola

Allergic To: Mosquitoe & Wasp stings.

Bill Kaulitz was born to Simone and Jörg Kaulitz (now divorced, though his mother remarried). His stepfather (Gordon Trümper) had a big influence on him with his music, as his stepfather is a guitarist in a band. His identical twin brother Tom Kaulitz is the guitarist in Tokio Hotel and was born 10 minutes before him.

In kindergarten, the Kaulitz twins had shirts with their names on them so people could tell them apart. Over the years they have started to look slightly different, though. Bill was only seven when he started writing lyrics. In primary school, he and Tom often threw paper balls and ink at their teachers. Eventually, in Grade 7, Bill was separated from Tom, because they played too many tricks and pranks. Bill has a grade average of 1.9, (a good grade in Germany). It’s also higher than Tom’s 2.2.

The artist mentioned in various interviews that he wants an untraditional wedding, with a black and red dress and tattooed wedding rings. He also described his dream girl as a brunette with soft arms, who is shorter than him and lives in a different country or city. He would also prefer that she doesn’t know about his success as the lead-singer of Tokio Hotel, so that he can experience love that isn’t tainted by his fame.

Info from: http://tokiofans.com/index/?page_id=30

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The performance at the EMAs 07 were Quite faQe..

water on instruments,amps,eleQtriQal devices? :cain:

Wow, God performed a miraQle, Quz Tokio Hotel is still alive... :cain:

Btw, does Bill have a GF/BF? :blush: :blush:

OMG, I can't believe that you've said that.

No, he doesn't have a girlfriend, and he's not gay!

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Every now and then I feel oddly reminded of Boy George ...

source: LJ, ohnotheydidn't

PS. And if you would upload those pics directly to bellazon or use the thumbnail-function or whatever on whatever server you're uploading those pics, this thread wouldn't take so annoyingly long to load ... :whistle:

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