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D&G [Milan Fashion Week] Fall/Winter 2008-2009

Wild Rose

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D&G Fall Winter 2008-2009

INSPIRATION: The tartan of Scottish kilts in all its different varieties, England and the ambience of the film "The Queen".

WARDROBE: Knee and calf-length kilts, long skirts and cropped blazers. Ruched dresses, relaxed tartan shirts in cotton, flannel and chiffon. Bell bottom trousers and tartan tights. Corduroy dresses and beige trench-coats. Tartan-printed chiffon gowns for the evening.

SHAPES: Fitted tops and loose bottoms.

COLOURS: All the colors of tartan: red, green and blue.

FABRICS: Tartan prints on cotton and wool. Velvet and corduroy, waterproof double cotton with tartan prints, chiffon and denim.

source: dolcegabbana.com

post-5619-0-1445985365-01306_thumb.jpg post-5619-0-1445985366-75586_thumb.jpg post-5619-0-1445985367-44935_thumb.jpg post-5619-0-1445985367-86972_thumb.jpg

post-5619-0-1445985368-28422_thumb.jpg th_06490_06_122_6lo.jpg post-5619-0-1445985368-68797_thumb.jpg post-5619-0-1445985372-47227_thumb.jpg

post-5619-0-1445985372-7233_thumb.jpg post-5619-0-1445985372-73444_thumb.jpg post-5619-0-1445985372-74444_thumb.jpg th_06637_12_122_548lo.jpg

post-5619-0-1445985372-74942_thumb.jpg post-5619-0-1445985372-77359_thumb.jpg post-5619-0-1445985372-81167_thumb.jpg post-5619-0-1445985372-85001_thumb.jpg

post-5619-0-1445985372-888_thumb.jpg post-5619-0-1445985372-95407_thumb.jpg post-5619-0-1445985372-96603_thumb.jpg post-5619-0-1445985373-00791_thumb.jpg

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