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Amanda Crew


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21 years old

born: june 5, 1986 in Langley, British Columbia

height: 5'9"

Amanda began her career in the entertainment industry by training vigorously in tap, hip-hop and jazz dancing. She started acting in the fourth grade when she landed a lead role in a musical called Dragon Tails. Three agents contacted her, and she's been acting ever since. When she first began her acting career, she did a Coca-Cola commercial and acted in stage plays like Stalling, Cordstons Courts, and Langley, the Musical. She trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2003 with sessions at Tarlington Training and the Carousal Theatre School.

She got her big break in 2004 when she landed the role of Tanis on the Canadian series 15/Love. After leaving the show at the end of season two, she guest starred on Life As We Know It and Smallville. She made her big screen debut in Final Destination 3 opposite Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Ryan Merriman and in She's the Man with Amanda Bynes. Presently, she is working on another Canadian TV series called Whistler. [from wikipedia]


* The Haunting in Connecticut (2008) - Wendy

* Genesis Code (2008) - Joanna

* That One Night (2008) - Marie

* Whistler (2006-2008) - Carrie Miller

* John Tucker Must Die (2006) - Hallway Girl

* She's the Man (2006) - Kia

* Final Destination 3 (2006) - Julie Christensen

* Meltdown (2006) - Kimberly

* Smallville (2005) - Sorority Girl

* Life As We Know It (2005) - Polly Brewer

* 15/Love (2004-2008) - Tanis McTaggart

-currently filming an Untitled Teen Road Movie-

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Amanda Crew - "Charlie St. Cloud" Los Angeles Premiere 2010. 07. 20.


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