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Barbara Meier

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Thanks for the videos, Reeyo! Even spotted Barbara in another outfit in the first one (and added two pictures of that in my previous post) x)

Green Showroom Salonshow

post-19223-1327423189_thumb.jpg post-19223-1327423776_thumb.jpg post-19223-1327423201_thumb.jpg post-19223-1327423231_thumb.jpg post-19223-1327423280_thumb.jpg

picture 2 @ modacycle.com

Backstage @ Green Showroom



Julia Starp's "Moonshadow" @ lavera Showfloor

post-19223-1327424451_thumb.jpg post-19223-1327424459_thumb.jpg post-19223-1327424470_thumb.jpg

post-19223-1327424692_thumb.jpg post-19223-1327424724_thumb.jpg post-19223-1327424829_thumb.jpg post-19223-1327424851_thumb.jpg

picture 1, 4 & 6 @ redcarpetreports | picture 2 @ showfloorberlin.de | picture 3, 5 & 7 @ hairspraydemin

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To all non-German-speaking readers of this post: just ignore it :)

One member of Barbara's official fan-page forum has asked why there is not much going on anymore over there. Unfortunately, I'm only able to answer that question here on Bellazon. One of the reasons for the inactivity over there is that all visitors of the fan page need to be registered for adding posts to the forums. Officially, you don't have to be registered, because there's the possibility to post as an anonymous visitor; in that case your post won't go public until the owners of the site have checked and published it. And that's the problem. I have posted some stuff (nothing of importance to be honest) quite a few times over the last couple of months, and I could imagine so have some other fellow Barbara fans, but none of my posts have ever been published by the administrators. No wonder it's so quiet over there... After a while, I, verständlicherweise, got really frustrated (also, because this was not the first time this was happening. Even when Barbara was working a lot as a model many of my postings were held back)

Greetings to I. and K... I guess they're inactive?

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I kind of don't like the Eckhardt shooting but the Quedzuweit pics are just super gorgeous!! :heart:

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Old Pics but that´s news to me. :drool: :wave:

Fotograf: Roberto Deste








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More Beauty Shooting Pics :drool: :wave:

Barbaras Facebookside




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