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Yeah, this cover looks great - so much better than the first one. (And I liked the first one :) )

This is a link to a video where you can see Barbara (she appears in the second third of the video). It's not something very special. She looks pretty and I like her walk, though she's actaully not "really" waling. I mean, it's not a fashion show or something...


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Thank you so much, Chesterty. With your engagement we always get the new pics first at bellazon, you are great :wave:

Barbara looks so gorgeous on those pics. I love especially the last one because there can be slightly seen her nice freckles - and also the curly look is so beautiful with her long hair.

This contract with pantene is definitely one of the best things in her career so far because they have a really good taste for styling Barbara.

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Barbara has decided to take up her studies again (mathematics). So in the future she's going to study and model at the same time.

I understand that she wants to finish studying, but I hope it won't affect her modeling career too much.

She says that she wants at least her "Vordiplom" (prediploma/intermediate diploma/preliminary diploma...sorry, I don't know the correct translation), which she would get after this year.

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Barbara has been in Milan on January 2 and 3 for a photoshoot. I'm really looking forward to see the result.


Any new pictures from "don't label me" or "rankin"?

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A new video from the c&a fashionshow, download as flv-file here:


ps I am also curious to see those pics from the Milan-shooting but I think we have got to wait a while. By the way: Does anybody know for which italian label she made the shooting end of October in Florence? There must be already Pics but I don't know where to search...

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Thanks for reminding me Snuffy, I totally forgot about that shooting^^ But I don't know the label either.

So we're waiting for 5 new campaigns to come out if I'm correct.

- The new C&A spring collection

- Yogurette

- Don't label me

- The "Rankin" photoshoot

- Some italian fashion label

Thanks for the video

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