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Triton [Sao Paulo Fashion Week] F/W 2008


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Triton Fall Winter 2008 at Sao Paulo Fashion Week

18th January 2008

Runway video included after pics

Pics and description source: http://elle.abril.com.br/spfw/inverno2008/triton/

Translation: Google Translate

Karen Fuke revirou the baús Triton and sought inspiration for his winter 2008 in catalogues and the icons who made the history of the brand younger, Tufi Duek. The result came in the form of a collection that reigned in the air geek chic. Think of the visual high school with many Americans cardigãs of knitting, shirts certinhas abotoadas to the collar, glasses grade, half ¾ of cotton, making uniforms reminiscent of the old college years 1950. The folder of colours was full of black and off-white with points of pink and blue here and there. This, added to casaquetos and paletots sequinhos and many ties throughout the parade, brought a Chanel perfume the bridge and was a charm. The trail, and rock'n'roll, and the bossa romantic equilibrou the show.

post-18219-0-1446437756-59505_thumb.jpg post-18219-0-1446437756-60468_thumb.jpg post-18219-0-1446437756-6181_thumb.jpg

post-18219-0-1446437756-64471_thumb.jpg post-18219-0-1446437756-65164_thumb.jpg post-18219-0-1446437756-6665_thumb.jpg

post-18219-0-1446437756-67326_thumb.jpg post-18219-0-1446437756-6988_thumb.jpg post-18219-0-1446437756-70652_thumb.jpg

post-18219-0-1446437756-72155_thumb.jpg post-18219-0-1446437756-73898_thumb.jpg post-18219-0-1446437756-7435_thumb.jpg

post-18219-0-1446437756-75294_thumb.jpg post-18219-0-1446437756-76849_thumb.jpg post-18219-0-1446437756-77432_thumb.jpg

post-18219-0-1446437756-77865_thumb.jpg post-18219-0-1446437756-7882_thumb.jpg post-18219-0-1446437756-80135_thumb.jpg

post-18219-0-1446437756-81221_thumb.jpg post-18219-0-1446437756-81869_thumb.jpg post-18219-0-1446437756-82325_thumb.jpg

post-18219-0-1446437756-83379_thumb.jpg post-18219-0-1446437756-85374_thumb.jpg post-18219-0-1446437756-86139_thumb.jpg

post-18219-0-1446437756-87241_thumb.jpg post-18219-0-1446437756-88131_thumb.jpg post-18219-0-1446437756-89018_thumb.jpg

post-18219-0-1446437756-89651_thumb.jpg post-18219-0-1446437756-90744_thumb.jpg post-18219-0-1446437756-91387_thumb.jpg

post-18219-0-1446437756-92647_thumb.jpg post-18219-0-1446437756-93761_thumb.jpg post-18219-0-1446437756-94819_thumb.jpg

post-18219-0-1446437756-95543_thumb.jpg post-18219-0-1446437756-97576_thumb.jpg post-18219-0-1446437756-99167_thumb.jpg

post-18219-0-1446437757-00572_thumb.jpg post-18219-0-1446437757-02024_thumb.jpg post-18219-0-1446437757-04818_thumb.jpg


More about Trinton:

From its inception, in the decade of 1970, Triton only guard the spirit streetwear. It is a time when the brand was only shirt. Today is the genus sexy streetwear. All parts of the guard's clothes-mocinha antenada are there and are always in fashion version, in interpretations that capture the wave of the moment. Already served as the inspiration for the brand psicodélicos the years, the mocinhas ingênuas of the decade of 1950, the Hawaii, the years 1980 and the music, which gave the tone of the first solo work of the designer Karen Fuke ahead of Triton, in the collection summer 2008.


320 x 240, XVID 500kbps, 7m 36s, 27.3mb

Trinton RTW F/W 2008 (rapidshare)

Video can be uploaded to other image hosts if needed.


Triton is a streetware fashion house and is notorious for going for that preppy tennage look, but I guess that's their target auidience.

This show was pretty bad in terms of the way it was carried out.

The heels seemed to be very hard for the girls to walk in. Half of them weren't walking confidently, probably thinking that their shoes were going to fall off, which did happen to one who had to take them off at the start of the runway and carry them, then another simply "fell out" of them and had to carry on without them.

Personally I quite like some of the stuff that this house produces, but that's probably because I'm in that generation the clothes are made for.

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