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Edyta Gorniak


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Name: Edyta Gorniak

Birthdate: November 14th, 1972

Nationality: Polish

Occupation: pop singer


Edyta Gorniak was born in Ziebice, Poland, November 14th,1972. At the age of 14, she formed a band and was playing at private parties and evening dances. After studying and taking singing lessons, in 1989, she gave her first public appearance, on a television talent show. Also in 1989, she won a song contest in Opole, and was offered a part in a musical called "Metro". "Metro" became very successful, and with Edyta playing a main character, she soon became well known, and an idol of teens in Poland. She played in "Metro" for three years.

In 1994, Edyta left "Metro" to begin a solo career. In April, she came in second at the Eurovision Song Contest, and won the Polish Song Festival in Sopot. In 1995, she received the Polish music award, "Wiktor '94" and her first album, "Dotyk", was released. She received a "Golden Record" three days after it's release. During 1996, Edyta had a successful tour through Poland, and recorded "To Atlanta", the theme song for the '96 Polish Olympic team. In 1997, her first international album, "Edyta Gorniak", was released. This was also her first album in English, and it was a big success. In 1998, a special edition of this album was released, and it included three additional songs, including a duet with Jose Carraras,"Hope For Us". Edyta has now completed her 1999 tour, which produced the "Live '99" album.


1995 - Dotyk

1997 - Edyta Gorniak

1997 - Kiss Me, Feel Me

1998 - Edyta Gorniak (special edition)

1999 - Live '99

2002 - Perla (2CD)

2003 - Perla (2 CD, special edition)

2003 - Invisible





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