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Ashley Graham


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Ford Model Ashley Graham has a serene beauty that is catapulting her into the mainstream, including the pages of Vogue magazine. We had a brief chat with Ashley during our recent New York visit and also gave the 20-year-old our Spring Questionnaire to get her take on the season.

You're one of the most influential Plus models today. How did you get your start and what do you credit for your success?

Ashley: I was discovered by Wilhelmina when I was13 years old. I've been with Ford for the past 3 1/2 years. Being just 20, I think I cater to the younger Plus size girl. You can be big and beautiful! There are clothes out there to make them feel beautiful.

Any fashion tips or advice for Old Navy Plus customers?

Ashley: Don't cover up. Don't hide yourself. You don't have to wear Daisy Dukes, but show legs, arms and cleavage. Show off your curves. That shows confidence!

What are your go-to styles when the weather warms up?

Ashley: Dresses are my favorite. I feel sexy. You can make it casual or dress it up. You can be comfortable and yet flirty.

Springtime in New York, Paris or the Rockies?

Ashley: New York. I'm originally from Nebraska, but I'm a New York girl, now. It's my place to go. There's nothing like it: Central Park, walking on 5th Avenue, rollerblading...

Finish this sentence: "Spring makes me..."

Ashley: Feel good all over because I can show a little something! (laughs) My style is sexy. I like to show a little here and there.

If you were a flower, what type would you be?

Ashley: I'm not really big on flowers, but if I had to choose I'd be a pink rose. Romantic, yet still sweet because of the color.

What do you think of Old Navy's Spring Collections? Any favorites?

Ashley: The tie-front tube dress. It conceals a larger chest, yet shows off the shoulders. The jersey fabric is not clingy, but still flowy, sexy but comfortable. You could wear it night or day. Just throw on some jewelry to change the look.

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