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Nadege du Bospertus


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we lost her thread in the crash, how cool are you to start another!!!!

i love this girl, but i tell you, K... i had NO IDEA she was greek

i was certain she was like half french and african....

lol noone ever told me that, i just assumed :blush:

i got some stuff!


i love the versace pic, marpessa,yasmeen, carla bruni, nadege and naomi....

i miss marpessa too :(

27499_3_122_521lo.jpg CDR_GrethaCavazzoniPeterLindberghVogUS1189_01.jpg copyof79020scan00200hz.jpg copyofk923rg_5B1_5D.jpg img0313we5.jpg versaceychm83gl.jpg
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She's adorable and beautiful---I knew Penny would help me out here.

I SO WISH that identifying models could be a full time career-you ARE the best in the business! $$$$$ :kiss:


lol, thanks, hun :hug: .. but im only good with a certain time frame

like 1985 thru 2000 id make some dough... but alot of these new girls :idk:


im glad you have more pics, cuz im totally spent

that elle cover is sweet!!!!!!! O-O


Francy, whats this you say?? she wasnt nice? or her husband wasnt nice??

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