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Welcome to the Petra Nemcova Candids gallery.

Please only post candid, unposed, off-guard, or funny images in this thread.

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I was going to be posting pictures from some sites, some candids that I thoguht were great ones. The sites I was going to get the pictures from are listed below. My intention was too get some of the best pictures from these sites and post them in HQ's. I will no longer be doing this becasue I was pretty much told off by Clef in the Adriana forum. I don't know what I have done wrong or anything I was just trying to help but if you are looking for Candids chances they will not be coming from me!

Aplogies to all that were not to blame for this!

The sites I was going to be getting the pictures from ( all would have been HQ)







www.corbis.com (without watermark)

www.gettyimages.com (without watermark)

www.abacapress.com (without watermark)

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