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Dolce & Gabbana [Milan Fashion Week] Fall/Winter 2008-2009

Wild Rose

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source: dolcegabbana.com


The return of warm, comfortable clothing giving a feeling of protection and stability, and at the same time inspired by traditional Italian tailoring.

This collection refers to a sensual woman. One that possesses an aristocratic elegance.


Dresses of padded, fur printed chiffon are cut and ruched at the waist. Prints resemble fox, mink or lamb. Sack dresses of velvet ribbing or herringbone, the weight of a men's coat, with voluminous shoulders, paired with leather belts at the waist.

Pleated and ruched skirts with hemlines falling below the knee.

Suits are newly proportioned and in menswear fabric: jackets are long or short with narrow shoulders, shown with vests and skinny pants and paired with Oxford shirts with small collars.

Fitted silk cashmere turtlenecks paired with voluminous skirts of menswear fabrics such as tweed, hounds-tooth and Prince of Wales.

Tops and dresses made of printed scarves.

Tartan shirts inspired by the Old West.

Fitted jackets of worn-in leather mixed with crocodile details. Rectangular shaped coats and vests and vests in goat or lamb fur. Patchwork leather jackets and skirts. Lamb fur dresses and skirts. Skinny jeans with leather details. Each piece is constructed with exposed stitching, laser cut or Pegaso sewn.

Evening dresses for finale: Tulle, satin, chiffon and “crine”(typically used to line men's jackets), bustiers paired with voluminous tulle skirts, reminiscent of a ballerina, evokes a sense of romance. Made with overlapping fur printed chiffon, lamb fur or menswear fabrics and worn with ballet satin flats.


Loose or fitted. Waists are cinched with voluminous skirts. New proportions.


Herringbone Prince of Wales, hounds-tooth, tweed (the weight of men's coats).

Pleated fur printed chiffon, pleated lace, lambskin, silk scarves, velvet, Chenille, tartan. Silk cashmere knitwear, leather, denim and crocodile.


Maroon, beige, black, gray.


Scarves with fifty different prints to be worn on the neck and on handbags.

Goat fur “Coppola” driver caps.

Gray or maroon cashmere stockings.

Round toe shoes of mixed materials such as worn-in leather and crocodile, python and pony, leather and patent, with chunky metal heels or embroidered with sequins.

Shoes can be lace-up, moccasin or t-strap.

Mid-calf boots with 11 cm high heels.

Very small or oversized bags made of the same mixed materials as the shoes.

post-5619-0-1446065442-90572_thumb.jpg post-5619-0-1446065442-9316_thumb.jpg post-5619-0-1446065442-96451_thumb.jpg post-5619-0-1446065442-98456_thumb.jpg

post-5619-0-1446065443-0199_thumb.jpg th_16664_06_122_239lo.jpg post-5619-0-1446065443-05018_thumb.jpg post-5619-0-1446065443-08762_thumb.jpg

post-5619-0-1446065443-12316_thumb.jpg post-5619-0-1446065443-15465_thumb.jpg post-5619-0-1446065443-18884_thumb.jpg post-5619-0-1446065443-2239_thumb.jpg

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