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Irina Lyshova


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First Name:Irina

Last Name:Lyshova



Hair Color:Brown

Eye Color:Blue / green

Date of Birth:1988

Place of Birth:Russia

Height:5'11" ; 180.5cm

Measurements:(US) 32-23.5-32.5 ; (EU) 81-59.5-82.5

Dress Size:(US) 2 ; (EU) 32

Shoe Size:(US) 9 ; (EU) 41







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she is irina miccoli now...

but why wont this picture enlarge themselfes when i click on them?

did she marry??

yes she did, for the owner of 3d model management in soutf africa.

she is a mother too...

she is very mature and than again she has all the model qualities.

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i just did an interview with Irina.

she is a lot of fun.

im posting a small preview, and you can see the entire interview on this source:


PONY RYDER: Do you have an interesting anecdote from a photo shoot, or a casting, a show?

IRINA MICCOLI: Yes, I have a story for You :) It happened in London when I was doing my first of the first fashion show Michiko Koshino. Just before the show, Danila (russian guy model) called everybody in a circle. All the models were sending a positive signal in to the universe while holding hands,and then Michiko called everybody to seat around the catwalk,we thought she just wanted to talk to us.OK, she came out...with a real priest! And he was reading the prayers and saying alleluia all the time. I was shocked.I thought it was like a ritual before every show,but it never happened again.

PONY RYDER: Sun block cream. Yes or no?

IRINA MICCOLI: Sunblock yes yes yes===and the HIGHER factor the better!!!

IRINA MICCOLI (skin maintaince) : I don't smoke, eat healthy and LOVE dermalogica. :kiss:


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