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Gaye McDonald


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well nana, this forum is mostly frequented by people who mostly like the eastern european and brazillian girls... not that i dont adore them too, but

bz not always the most open minded place.if she had light skin and light eyes shed get lots of play,

but, you know how it goes :/

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youre absolutely right, some of them <brazillians, hell south americans in general> look like theyre pure african, i should have said that the preference seems to be for slightly exotic european looking girls.. but there are open minded people here, not nearly as many as id like

but today of all days you gotta realize that you have to keep chippin' away till people see whats what :)

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You know what's sad girls.....

I found on my computer an old scan from Paris Vogue, from 2005 or 2004. There were polaroids of debuting girls. Gaye was also included.

I mean, the sad thing is, that I get to know about her when I saw her at Lanvin s/s 2008 fashion show..... so like 3 years after her "debut".


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ok, i was just over at tfs, where the lovely Gaye has 10 pages

i dont know how much editorial work shes getting, but shes all over the runways

this seaon she CLOSED Aquascutum...closing shows aint bad at all!!! i saved some of the pics

aquascutum F/W 08/09

tracy reese

this looks like last season^^

catherine malandrino

isaac mizrahi 08/09


backstage at diane von furstenburg

kisa LFW

all of the pics are from tfs

16kx26u.jpg 219t0dg.jpg 2eyl89t.jpg mhun2b.jpg 24xe7x3.jpg 10r372d.jpg wrf28y.jpg atowwl.jpg
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