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Nelson Piquet Jr.


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Nelson Angelo Piquet :heart: (born July 25, 1985, Heidelberg, Germany), also known as Nelson Piquet Junior or Nelsinho Piquet, is a Brazilian race car driver. He is the son of three-time Formula One world champion Nelson Piquet, one of Brazil's most successful F1 drivers. In the 2005 and 2006 seasons he raced in the GP2 Series, taking a win in Belgium in 2005 and claiming 2nd place in the series in 2006. He was signed as test driver for Renault Formula One team for the 2007 season, and has been promoted to the race team for 2008. Piquet currently resides in Oxford, England.

Racing career

Piquet's racing career started in 1993 in Brazilian karting, where he would stay until 2001 when he moved to Formula Three Sudamericana. His father's wealth enabled him to race for his own team, a practice he continued until he left GP2 Series. He raced in part of the 2001 season there, staying for 2002 and becoming the champion with four races to go. In 2002 he also raced one race of Brazilian Formula Renault.

In 2003, Piquet moved to the UK where he joined the British Formula 3 Championship and formed the Piquet Sports team. He went on to win 3rd place with six wins, five podiums and eight pole positions.

In 2004, Piquet won the British Formula 3 Championship. He became the youngest driver to have ever won the championship at 19 years and 2 months. He also went to test for BMW Williams now Williams F1.

In 2005, Piquet took part in the A1 Grand Prix for A1 Team Brazil. In the first event in the series, he took first place in both Sprint and Main race events, as well as scoring a point for the fastest lap. He also became a driver for HiTech/Piquet Sports in the GP2 Series. He also was also testing for BAR-Honda.

In 2006, Piquet gained second place in the championship to British driver Lewis Hamilton in his second year of GP2.

During the 2007 season he was a test driver for the Renault Formula One team.

He has been promoted to the race team for the 2008 season, which will see him driving alongside Fernando Alonso who returns to the Renault Formula One team. It is reported that he gained preference for the seat over Heikki Kovalainen as Kovalainen was seen as a potential rival to Alonso and such a challenge to Alonso could damage the team.

And nooow he is in the Formula 1 with Fernando Alonso !

He is soooo hot !!! :evil:

one of the most interesting guys i wanna meet !

enjoy girls !




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