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Spiderman 3 and Punisher fan fiction


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Well lets forget about "The Punisher" 04 and "Spiderman 3" 07 and start from scratch. This is just for fun. A proper reboot of the Punisher shoudl begin with a Remake of Spiderman 3. We'll start here.

The theme of the movie ould be about forgiveness, exceptance, and change.

Peter Parker is trying to find a way to pop the question to MaryJane while juggling the life o crime fighter Spiderman becomes a burden. The relationship, although healthy, Peter ants to be able to spend more time with his fiance. Aunt May gives him an engagment ring that has been in the family for generations. MJ has been recieving great popularity through her plays and getting fantastic critical reviews and is starting to see what it is truly like to be famous and be bigger than life in the public eye like Spiderman is. On the way home from her play, Peter is attacked by Harry in his Goblin suit. The two have a scuffle which leads them to great heights above the city. After being able to out manuever Harry's pumpkin bombs, he takes the opportunity to tie the Goblin up in web and knock him in the head a few times before Harry cuts himself free. After that, Harry seeing that Spiderman is too much of a match for him at the moment, he flies away into the night. The next day at work, Peter meets a new employee named Eddie Brock. Brock has been making some pretty incriminating photos of the web slinging hero commiting all sorts of crimes ranging from assualt to stealing money. Peter furious, walks away not being able to do anything about it since Peter and Spiderman can never be revealed to the public. Harry takes advantage of this and enlists the help of an asassin. One night after beating a couple of thugs and turning them to police custody, Spiderman leaps to a rooftop and stares at his engagement ring Aunt May gave him. Talking to himself as to think of how to approach Mj with the question of she would marry him, a gunshot is fired and misses Peter inches away from his head. Followed by another gunshot and another, Spiderman slings web to get out of the way. Spidey sense tingle and tell him where the next strike will happen, he dodges yet another bullet only to land in the range of a near by mine which is set off from a remote. The force of the explosion knocks Spiderman up against a wall and falls to the ground. Disoriented and trying to get himself together, he sees a figure approaching him. A tall bulky man in what appears to be a black kevlar costume with a huge white skull on his chest. The sound of his white boots hitting the ground gets louder and closer for the man is almost right in front of Spiderman.

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