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Nicky Whelan


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Nicky Whelan (born 1983) is an Australian model and actress who is perhaps best known for playing the role of Pepper Steiger in the Network Ten soap opera, Neighbours.

Before Neighbours, Whelan hosted a number of shows including Coxy's Big Break, Seven Network, Beyond the Boundary, Ten Network, Melbourne Woman, Ten Network, and played the fictional celebrity Chrissie Grant on Russell Coight's Celebrity Challenge, a spin-off of All Aussie Adventures.

Whelan is also known as the face of the rural Victorian city, Shepparton, and she also hosted the night racing at Mooney Valley for eight years.

Whelan has also posed for a number of Australian magazines, including Ralph and Inside Sport. She was the first model to be on the cover of the Pumped Up Down Under calendar two years running [citation needed]. She was voted sports model of the year 2004 and 2005.

Early in 2007, Nicky appeared on The Show Biz Show with David Spade on Comedy Central in the U.S.A. Since then, Nicky and Spade have become very good friends. Nicky invited Spade to the set of Neighbours on July 14, 2007 (according to news.com.au, this was her last day of filming with the show) with the hopes he would make a cameo in an episode of the soap, but he was unable to secure a work visa in time.

In November 2007, Nicky made a special appearance in Harrow, London to promote sustainable transport and initiatives that benefit the environment. At the event she confirmed that after Neighbours she has been in discussions over feature films. Recent reports have also linked Nicky to major projects including the next James Bond film.

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