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Do you overclock?

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I've a p4 1,7 Ghz that currently runs on 1,953 Ghz, It's pretty stable too. Im using the standaard cpufan, temperture is at lowest 27C and max i've seen is 51c. I'm getting a AMD 1800 system this week that i also want to oc, but i will buy a better cpufan for both systems first. How high could i get the AMD you guys think? And what are you're exspiernces with oc-ing?

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My pc is currently fast enough for Doom 3 wiht "ultra extreme details" (P4 2.53; Ati Radeon 9700 pro; 512MB 1066 RDRAM) so I don't need to overclock, but if it becomes required I gonna buy a new one...

:( lucky

very, i wish i had a system like that <_<

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Doom 3 has a very impressive graphic design... Back to the topic, my pc is already over 2 years old and not up to date anymore, thats why I'll by next year a new one, but a friend of mine just bought an Aurora ALX computer made by alienware, thats hot stuff (sth. about 6000 bucks)

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