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Mirjam Weichselbraun


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Born: September 27, 1981

Hometown: Innsbruck, Austria

Occupation: Actress / TV Host / MTV VJ

Her first experience in broadcasting was with the regional radio station Antenne Tirol in 1999 and she first appeared in front of the camera in 2001 on the culture program Das Magazin on the channel TV Tirol.

In January of 2002 she joined the newly started music channel VIVA PLUS in Cologne, where she hosted the show Cologne Day. After only eight months she switched to MTV Germany in Berlin where she hosted the live show Select MTV until January of 2005. She can currently be seen on MTVs streetLive and TRL.

Mirjam and Wayne Carpendale are the moderators of RTL's 2006 Dancing on Ice contest.

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A simple "Thanks Toobs, a pretty smile always translates into the same thing no matter what language you speak" or an "Eeeeew! Toobs! Stop poluting the forum with this chick's lobsided face!" would do.

(For the record, if Mirjam or someone who knows her happens to see this post, I think it's really cute. Please run away with me. I will make you very happy.)

mirjamweichselbraundancyt2.th.jpg mirjamweichselbraundancvh2.th.jpg mirjamweichselbraundanchn1.th.jpg

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