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Karen Cliche


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Karen Cliche (pronounced Kleesh) stars as Mackenzie Previn a striking, mysterious young woman who is as tough as she is beautiful. Mac is willing to undertake any assignment, no matter how dangerous, on "Adventure Inc.," the weekly action-hour from Tribune Entertainment and Fireworks Entertainment. Karen will follow up with a leading role on the popular and award-nominated sci-fi TV series, Mutant X. Her character's name is Lexa.

Prior to joining the cast of "Adventure Inc.," Cliche appeared in the fast paced action thriller "Riders" starring Stephen Dorff and Natasha Henstridge. She portrayed Alex, one of four young people who get their thrills from robbing banks. The feature has been released in Europe and in the U.S., the film is distributed by Miramax.

Cliche landed a recurring role as Marissa on the MTV drama "Undressed," and portrayed the role of Lind, a Japanese Animation-inspired character who is a warrior, for Fox Kids' Network series "Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension."

In 2001, Cliche starred in "Summer," a feature film tribute to the legendary filmmaking of John Hughes, as Stef, a young woman who only has one dream – to be an actress.

Cliche also starred in "Vampire High," a television program which aired in both the United Kingdom and Canada, as Essie Rachimova, a young, royal-blooded vampire who balances her past existence with new predatory instincts.

In 2001, Cliche appeared in the Muse Entertainment/Spelling Television series "All Souls" as Gaby Maine, an Olympic star runner. She co-starred with Stephen Baldwin and Peter Gallagher in "Protection," a made-for-television film in which Cliche portrayed Vanessa, a sweet-looking Southern girl who is not what she appears to be.

A gifted actress with the ability to take on a wide variety of roles, Cliche has appeared in a number of made-for-television movies including "Race Against Time," with Eric Roberts. She has also appeared in Fox Family's "Big Wolf on Campus" as an evil sorority sister and in "Misguided Angels" as a Marilyn Monroe wanna-be. She was in the TVA International series "Largo Winch." In 1998, she traveled to the exotic destinations of Hong Kong and Australia where she co-starred in the Francis Ford Coppola pilot, "Dr. Jekyll and & Mr. Hyde" with Adam Baldwin.

Born in Sept-Iles, Quebec. Cliche studied drama in high school and participated in a number of stage plays and has also traveled extensively while modeling. She currently resides in Montreal, Canada.

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