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Stephanie March

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Stephanie Caroline March (born July 23, 1974) is an American actress.

March was born to John Abe March IV and Laura Len Irwin in Dallas, Texas, where she attended Highland Park High School, the same high school Angie Harmon (of the original Law & Order) attended. March was a sophomore when Harmon was a senior. She began performing in plays in high school. In 1996 she graduated from the School of Speech (now School of Communication) at Northwestern University, where she majored in Theater and Hispanic Studies. After graduating, she landed her first professional acting role (in her very first audition) as Helena in A Midsummer Night's Dream in Chicago, where she continued to pursue her stage career.

In 1999, March made her Broadway debut in the highly acclaimed production of Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman, opposite Brian Dennehy. Her other career highlights include roles on the television series Early Edition and in the TV movie Since You

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Hospital for Special Surgery 35th Annual Tribute Dinner, NYC, June 4, '18


   sma050618BZNimage1.jpg    sma050618BZNimage2.jpg    sma050618BZNimage3.jpg    sma050618BZNimage4.jpg    sma050618BZNimage5.jpg    sma050618BZNimage6.jpg    sma050618BZNimage7.jpg    sma050618BZNimage8.jpg    sma050618BZNimage9.jpg    sma050618BZNimage10.jpg    sma050618BZNimage11.jpg    sma050618BZNimage12.jpg    sma050618BZNimage13.jpg

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''What The Constitution Means To Me'' Opening Night, NYC, Mar 31 '19


        mar020419BZNimage101.jpg         mar020419BZNimage102.jpg         mar020419BZNimage103.jpg         mar020419BZNimage104.jpg         mar020419BZNimage105.jpg         mar020419BZNimage106.jpg         mar020419BZNimage107.jpg         mar020419BZNimage108.jpg         mar020419BZNimage109.jpg         mar020419BZNimage110.jpg         mar020419BZNimage111.jpg

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