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I may be a newbie here

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Alright alright I know I may come off as majorly slightly cocky...and some of you might hate that...but guess what. I'm not really like that so you will learn to love me. Jk....I'm a dork and I'm young. I love looking at pictures of pretty women but I'm completely straight...I just appreciate beauty!!!!!!!!!! Talk to me about anything and I'll respond. I love video games and life... Here is a list of things about me >.O

♦Smooth as chunky peanut butter...

♦Enough energy to power Las Vegas

♦Shocker: Loves action movies

♦Vampire Obsessed && not ashamed

♦Small girl who dreams of changing the world

♦Self-proclaimed Bookworm

♦Reviving Loveaholic

♦Apparently I'm witty...who knew?

♦HARD ROCKs my socks

♦Like my brother...but instead of wine I'm a professional Dinosaur taster

♦Just because I find you interesting...that doesn't mean I like you...I find Jack the Ripper interesting too

♦You have a problem with me?...Say it behind my back!!!

♦Voted most likely to stab you with a bendy straw

♦Life should be a video game...cause face it...animated guys are just hawter

♦Call it what you want...but I'm sticking to verbally abusive

♦2 out of 4 people claim I'm annoying

♦Hopeless Romantic= Heartbreak waiting to happen

♦Hugging is my hobby...my hobby is hugging as in wrap your arms around me I need to feel your touch

♦Dorkier then you think

♦Might as well give them something to talk about

♦Let your personality be your autograph

♦Summer: When you spend all day in your swimming suit && all night looking for it

♦Never a peaceful day in my life

♦If you like imperfection I'm perfect for you

♦Don't tell me the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon

♦I kind of like it when things go wrong

And Things I support...there is more....but I haven't really added them yet....

»Animal Rights

»Being Indesicive

»Body Art


»Candy Mountain

»Cute things




»Dirty Minds

»F**king Offensive Humor


»Gummi Bears


»Perverted Minors


»Profanity, b*tch


»Punching You In The Face ((Won't do it though))

»Hugging Emo Boys

»Hugging Strangers

»My Own Style

»Combat Boots

»Stuffed Animals



»Loud Music



»Tickle Torture


»Sharp Objects


»Evil Laughs


»Heavy Metal

»My Best Friend







»Star Wars


»Crazy People Who Wish They Were Japanese

»Dirty Techno Beats

»Being Straight But Having A Wife

Well....ask whatever you want....and I just might tell...I'll most likely be floating around posting pictures...

And when you respond let some of yourself show through...spice it up...here I'll get you started...

Hola....I'm_______ and hope you have fun here....I'm crazy mad obsessed with_______ and I think we could/n't be friends...

Finish it and points for imagination...extra points if you PM me and crack a joke...I'm bored no life and ADHD bad mix Call me Kenz.....

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