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Ger: Kees Poort had an exclusive contract with Ralph Lauren for several years. He was 18 when he started out as a model here in Holland. His career took of almost immediately, with bookings for French Connections, L'Oreal and of course Ralph Lauren. He moved to New York quite soon, and when he was booked exclusively for Ralph Lauren he had more time to dedicate to his own band. Today he is a father and still works as a model; it was only recently that he and Bas worked together for H&M!

Bas Rol: He was 17 when he started (literally walking into the agency with a skateboard in one hand, and a page of the Yellow Pages in the other) and got options straight away. He started a study in Political Science when he was 18, but he couldn't combine it with the ever increasing amount of options and jobs so he was forced to quit university. He has been working as a full-time model since and has traveled the world - next week he will be on his way to Japan. He is one of those versatile models that have the rare talent to do more commercial fashion work, as well as editorials and campaigns. In Holland he is very well known, his image has been plastered for over a year on a 16 storey high building next to the busiest highway in the country :-)


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